Fruit Fly Funnel™

“The only fruit fly traps you’ll ever need to buy”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Fruit Fly Funnel non-toxic?

Yes! Fruit Fly Funnel is meant to only be used with natural ingredients, safe around humans, pets and food. No magic unknown ingredients required to catch fruit flies.

Does the Fruit Fly Funnel really work?

After spending years in the food industry we have tried it all, from simple DYI traps that take a long time to make, produce a lot of waste and are expensive so called “solutions”, many of which are only one time use. We found that not only does the Fruit Fly Funnel work but it saves you time and money because you can re-use it over and over again and the ingredients to the bait recipe are simple, common, inexpensive and you can find them at every grocery store. In fact every batch of bait ingredients costs less than $1 a batch to make. Save the earth and some money at the same time by getting a simple solution that works.

What else do I have to buy?

The list of items you would require to maintain your Fruit Fly Funnel would be:

  • Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Yeast
  • Disinfectant Soap
  • Empty Plastic soda/water bottle

How do I change or prepare bait batches?

3 Simple Steps

  1. Add bait batch to water or soda bottle, Insert Fruit Fly Funnel into the bottle opening.
  2. After a week put the The Fruit Fly Funnel and plastic bottle into the freezer for approximately 1 hour.
  3. Pour warm water into the bottle and empty into a toilet and flush. Sanitize both your Fruit Fly Funnel and plastic bottle after every use.

Whats the difference between the Fruit Fly Funnel solution and homemade DYI systems?

We have spent countless hours making DYI systems for our food business and they really do work! The problem is a lot of time was spent making them, lining and taping the funnels and then ensuring that there was a tight seals from the funnel to the bottle opening. Plus there was a lot of wasted paper, plastic and tape afterwards. The Fruit Fly Funnel saves you that time by allowing you to have a perfect seal. The shape of the trap simply guides the fruits flies in until they are ready to be frozen.

Why is having a fruit fly solution so important?

Fruit flies reproduce quite quickly and they cause contamination in fruit and food, this can lead to serious health issues. Having a solution to address fruit flies creates a cleaner environment at work and at home.

Where should I put my Fruit Fly Funnel™?

Place the Fruit Fly Funnel where you would find the highest concentration of fruit flies typically near garbage or recycling areas, under the sink in a home kitchen.  For commercial applications near sink, trash cans, food or liquor prep areas as well as recycling, dining rooms and/or behind a bar.

When choosing a location it is recommended to place the Fruit Fly Funnel in an area that is not active, avoid fans, ovens or high traffic areas as flies can be easily agitated and may not be attracted to the bottle as easily.

How long does the Fruit Fly Funnel last?

We recommend changing your Fruit Fly Funnel at least every week.tex

How many square feet does my one Fruit Fly Funnel solution cover?

We recommend one unit for approximately 500 square feet.

I’ve just place my order, when does it ship?

Currently we are in the middle of our Kickstarter Campaign, which is the best way to connect with the Fruit Fly Funnel.

Beginning in October, orders that are placed Monday-Friday will ship out within a day or two. If you place the order on the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) it will likely be shipped on a Monday.

Do you ship internationally?

Beginning in October, we will ship to Canada & the U.S. via Canada Post Service. Please e-mail us at for other countries.

Can I pick a Fruit Fly Funnel up at any retail stores?

We currently only sell Fruit Fly Funnels online. If you wish to see us at any one of your local grocery stores or retail outlets we would love to hear from them.

How do I dispose of the Fruit Fly Funnel bait?

Simply pour the non-toxic contents into the toilet and flush. Remember to clean and disinfect both the Fruit Fly Funnel and bottle before reusing. Do not pour down the sink as flies can reproduce in the drain.

What is the shipping and return policy?

We would love work with any one of our customers to ensure product quality and efficiency surrounding the Fruit Fly Funnel. If for some reason as a customer you are not satisfied within 14 days after receiving your purchase and If you don’t catch any fruit flies within the first week after following the instructions send us an e-mail and we can make suggestions on how to best use your solution.

All orders unless specified are shipped without tracking and will be final sales. Tracking is only provided with wholesale orders.

More questions about Fruit Fly Funnel?

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How much more cost effective is the Fruit Fly Funnel than a one-time-use trap?

Let’s do the math, shall we?

Price comparison time…


$7.49 Price of average one-time-use traditional solution (Found at most hardware stores)

$4 Average price of a re-usable Fruit Fly Funnel

If you use multiple fly traps (4) over a year this is how the calculation could break down.

Assuming that your area is 2000 sq ft and you need 4 traps to cover all of your area, with other fruit fly systems you would have to change all four traps every two weeks at a cost of lets say $7.49 X 4 = $29.99, over the course of a year you would be spending $779.74. Not to mention all the other costs like the time it takes to travel to the store when you need more, paying for shipping or having to dispose of the solution with a disposal agency (yes, always check with your state or provincial authorities on regulations regarding disposal).

This is also assuming that you are operating a 2000 square feet location with only four traps. Keep adding up the costs if your are using more than 4 traps, you get the point.

With the Fruit Fly Funnel solution it would be approximately:

$15 for a 4 PACK Fruit Fly Funnel (Free Shipping – No tracking)

$8 for the yeast

$4 for the sugar

$4 for the vinegar

Total of $31 for 1 full year worth of fruit fly trapping. That’s approximately 96% in savings in the first year already!

Their offer: $779.74

Our Solution: $31

Your savings: $748.74

So over the next 5 years you would save $3,743.70 with a reusable solution.

You’ve also prevented much more plastic waste from ending up in the landfills. Save time and money with this simple solution. Order today!



*The above mentioned are examples and approximations only, prices on ingredients and items are subject to change without notice.