The Fruit Fly Funnel Focus

"Providing 3 simple steps to a cleaner environment"
1. Bait

Add preferred bait to your plastic bottle and place fruit fly funnel into the bottle opening. Say Bye-bye Fruitflies!

2. Freeze

Place plastic bottle and fruit fly funnel into the freezer until frozen. This ensures the fruitfly party comes to an end.

3. Clean

Rinse bottle with hot water, empty the contents into a toilet, sanitize your bottle and FruitFly Funnel to be reused again.

About US

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein
We created our own simple yet effective fruitfly trap solution that works.

Spending decades in the food industry equipped us with the realization that dealing with fruit flies can be a tedious affair.

We found that Do-It-Yourself fruitfly traps took too long to make, and often produced a lot of waste.

Current fruitfly trapping systems on the market, are often One-Time-Use only. They catch flies, and are then thrown away without regard for environmental impact.

Other fruitfly trapping systems can take forever or simply don't work as advertised.

We decided it was time for a change so we engineered our own cost effective, sustainable fly trap solution that's washable, that's reusable, that works.

  • Small

    Portable, stackable and easily stored or shipped anywhere quickly. They're easy to see, easy to hide!


    Drastically reduce landfill waste, by reusing plastic bottles & Fruitfly Funnels instead of one-time-use traps.


    No moving parts means nothing breaking down. Toss the Fruitfly Funnel in the dishwasher and its ready to go!


    Remarkably lower price than competitor products make Fruitfly Funnels the most cost effective solution!


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